We are a local nonprofit agency that is part of a network of organizations and individuals committed to improving Hawai‘i’s maternal, child, and family health through collaborative efforts in programs, public education, advocacy, and partner development. Before, during, and after pregnancy, we are here every step of the way.


A future where Hawai’i is a leader in perinatal/reproductive health outcomes, with the lowest rates of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality cases, and zero health inequities; where our hapai people and keiki thrive.


⭐️ A child’s right to be born healthy and raised in a safe nurturing environment

⭐️ Equal access to quality care

⭐️ A collective voice to facilitate change

⭐️ Eliminating health disparities among all populations

⭐️ Cultural competence and respect for diversity

⭐️ Education to encourage healthy choice