Our food distribution program, māna ‘ai, empowers moms and their families through access to good nutrition and a community of support. The program supports vulnerable mothers, promotes healthy pregnancies and safe childhood development while empowering women to reach their full potential as new moms.

The māna ‘ai program was developed in the height of the pandemic. Pregnant and new moms were struggling – experiencing food insecurity and social isolation. The team at HMHB adapted to meet the community’s needs. By partnering with a social enterprise who traditionally provided meals for seniors, Lanakila Pacific, the HMHB team was quickly able to begin distributing healthy meals to high-risk women.

Currently for māna ‘ai, we no longer do a mass food distributions each week as we did in the height of the pandemic, however we provide every client in need, a free meal with one of our social services.

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Since COVID-19 creeped into 2020, life itself just became more isolated. I personally felt like I had to protect my newborn, any way possible, from this virus. But it happened so sudden that I felt being left home, in my room, just away from people, family AND even those living with me was the safest bet.

I’d like to thank the food distribution. It saved me so much time to go to the store, literally. I wouldn’t have to get ready, then get baby ready and worry about my surroundings just to go shop for food. A huge huge thank you to all those who contributed. Another note to that it encourage me to even eat healthier with all those produce!

A person can already tell that this organization puts a lot of effort and love in what they do for new mothers and it shows. I love this organization so much I’ve been encouraging many new upcoming mothers! Thank you to all the staff and the funders for their hard work and generosity.

Sheena C.