Piko Pals connects and empowers new parents of babies age 0-4 months to build their own village through facilitated discussions in an emotionally and intellectually safe environment. Piko Pals sets the stage for connection and friendship with peers in your community, so you can make lasting relationships to share and celebrate the joys and challenges of new parenthood.

New Groups Starting!

6pm-8pm Wednesdays, February 28th


10am-12pm Tuesdays, March 6th


10AM-12PM Wednesdays, March 7th


10am-12pm Thursdays, May 10th


10AM-12PM Saturdays, May 19th


Piko Pals

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Groups are currently available on Oahu, with plans to expand to neighbor islands in 2018. Do you have a new baby, or expecting one soon, and are interested in making new friends in your community to support and discover your parenting philosophy?

Spaces are limited to 10 people per location.

Reserve your spot in a Piko Pals class TODAY! This class is satisfaction guaranteed and the first class is free for participants looking to join.


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Become a Group Leader

Do you have a passion for empowering new parents and building community?  Piko Pals is looking for Volunteer Group Leaders (facilitators) to lead Piko Pals groups.  Groups meet weekly for 2 hours, for 12 weeks, in various parks, homes, and community centers.  Group Leaders do not need to be parenting experts.  They do, however, need to be nurturing, empathetic, and supportive of a variety of parenting styles, diverse backgrounds, and cultures, and be able to pass a background check.

Many of our group leaders have found great joy in watching their Piko Pals groups develop confidence in their own parenting style, as well as budding friendship and community with the other participants.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Group Leader, please submit your volunteer information here. Our program manager will contact you shortly, and invite you to our next Group Leader (facilitator) Training.

Contact us for more information.

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Common Questions
What is Piko Pals?

Piko Pals is a new parent support group program that tackles the challenges of new parenthood with peer support.

How long is the Piko Pals program?

Piko Pals is a 12 week program.

Who is the Piko Pals program for?

Parents and their newborns (0-4 months old)

Where are these Piko Pals meetings held at?
These meetings are held in neighborhoods throughout O’ahu.  Coming soon to neighbor islands!
What does Piko mean?

Piko means belly button in Hawaiian, which symbolizes the life connection to our family.

How much does the Piko Pals program cost?

The price is $120 for 12 weeks ($10 per week).
Financial aid is available!

What topics does the Piko Pals program cover?
Topic discussions range in themes such as:
  • Adjustment to parenthood
  • Romance and intimacy with your partner
  • Becoming a wise consumer of research
  • Body image
  • Guilt
  • Work/life balance
  • Self-care
  • Sibling relationaships
  • Sleep and feeding
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Travel with an infant
How was Piko Pals developed?

Piko Pals became a network affiliate of PEPS, an organization offering new parent support groups for over 35 years, to bring this evidence-based program to Hawaii. With significant input from mothers and community volunteers, Piko Pals enriches the social and emotional needs of new parents, while incorporating local cultural values.

“As a parent, Piko Pals was an important support at a vulnerable time in my life.  My Piko Pals group leader and members helped support me through sleep regressions, marriage stress, starting solid foods, and so much more. Our formal program ended in September but my group continues to meet monthly and text when we need more immediate support. We also have one-on-one play dates frequently.

This feeling of having “a village” helping me to raise my daughter is important since my family and close friends do not live in Hawaii. The Piko Pals support group was an integral part of my confident transition to parenthood and I am eager to have the program expand and become available to more parents.”

– Ashley B.

I had the great pleasure of being a member of Piko Pal’s first cohort as a new mom in 2017.  In both my professional and personal life, I have found the work of HMHB to be of great significance and appreciate that their approach is grounded in values which empower women and families.

Despite the abundance of resources available to me from my colleagues, I was, like all new parents, entirely overwhelmed by the arrival of my first child.  Without family nearby and with few friends with children, my husband and I were missing the requisite “village” to support us as we embarked on parenthood.  Piko Pals filled this void in a way that felt organic, supportive and personal.

We leaned on each other, encouraged each other up, and normalized all of the intensely wonderful and tired feelings that come with parenthood. Programs like Piko Pals are what make a community great: building upon each other’s strengths to make for happier, healthier families. 

-Mary T.

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