The BABY & ME – Tobacco Free Program™ is an evidence-based, smoking cessation program created to reduce the burden of tobacco on the pregnant and postpartum population.

Our mission is to reduce the burden of tobacco on our society.

We seek to accomplish this mission by addressing the high prevalence of tobacco use among young women during pregnancy. By providing counseling support and resources to pregnant women, it is our goal that they will quit smoking and maintain smoking cessation throughout the postpartum period and beyond. Our program is successful in helping women quit smoking and stay quit, resulting in improved birth outcomes and long-term positive outcomes for women, children, and their families.

How the Program Works

  • Pregnant women eligible to enroll in the program are referred to their local agency implementing the program.
  • Women attend four prenatal counseling cessation sessions to receive education and support for quitting smoking and staying quit, and test using a carbon monoxide (CO) monitor (breath test).
  • At prenatal sessions 3 and 4, women may receive their first two diaper vouchers, if they test tobacco-free.
  • After the birth of the baby, women return monthly to continue CO monitoring and if proven to be smoke-free, receive a monthly diaper voucher for up to twelve months postpartum.
  • Diaper vouchers can be used for any brand or size of diapers at Walmart and/or local participating stores when applicable.
  • A smoker who lives with the pregnant woman can also enroll in the program and if successfully quits smoking, may receive diaper vouchers during the postpartum period.

Training and Technology

The BABY & ME – Tobacco Free Program collaborates with local and state agencies that provide prenatal and/or postpartum services to women. A one-day training class provides agencies and facilitators with the information and materials necessary to implement and enroll women in the program.

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