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“Hawaii Cribs for Kids,” a safe sleep education course, for low-income, high-risk pregnant women and their families. This program provides education on the risk factors, how to create a safe sleep environment, and tracks the baby’s health throughout its first year of life.

Perinatal Advocacy Network

HMHB collaborates on many public-private partnerships and conducts quarterly meetings with the Perinatal Advocacy Network (PAN) to inform and educate perinatal stakeholders, public and private partners and communities on issues impacting perinatal health.
Piko Pals connects and empowers new parents of babies age 0-4 months to build their own village through facilitated discussions in an emotionally and intellectually safe environment. Piko Pals sets the stage for connection and friendship with peers in your community, so you can make lasting relationships to share and celebrate the joys and challenges of new parenthood.

Mother's Care Line

Who do you call when you have pregnancy or baby-related questions, but don’t know who to ask for help? Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies’ confidential, free MothersCare Line. This free phone line offers a helpful, personal response to your questions about what to expect during pregnancy, or how to find information to make your pregnancy as healthy as possible.

Call (808) 951-6660 on Oahu or (888) 951-6661 toll-free from Neighbor Islands.

Receive FREE text messages on prenatal care, baby health, parenting and more with text4baby. Receive three text messages per week throughout your pregnancy and baby’s first year of life, customized to your child’s age and development.

Cooking for Two

Cooking for Two, an interactive cooking and nutritional class will be offered for expecting, pregnant and new mothers. This class was created to educate you on the importance of healthy nutrition, physical activity and exercise, cost effective healthy eating, food budgeting and breastfeeding nutritional benefits.

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