Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition engages in advocacy for Paid Family Leave (PFL), an established Family Leave Insurance program (FLI).  The Family Leave Insurance program would require employees to make contributions into a trust fund to provide employees with family leave insurance benefits in order to care for a designated person.

2018 Legislation Update

After more than five years of working to establish paid family leave in Hawaii, we’re closer than ever. SB2990 and HB2598 are still alive and going strong! They have each passed Committee hearings and are moving forward this legislative session.


We’ve been meeting with families, companies and lawmakers to address the issues and questions for Hawaii’s workers and businesses. A family leave insurance program enables workers to take time off during major life events (such as childbirth) and helps businesses retain key employees and remain competitive. Check out the report HERE.

Now we need your help!
Please share your story or contact your legislators to show your support for paid family leave.

Many families are forced to make the difficult choice between caring for a new baby or loved one and earning enough to get by. Please take a moment to share your personal story and what paid family leave would mean to you.